The passage of time has always been parallel to innovation, research and ability to follow the evolution of the market.
Celebrating History. Weaving Future.
130 years of history, 130 years of challenges, 130 years of innovation. The 130 years of Berto represent a new beginning as well as a great goal. They mark a crucial moment in the history of the company, a reality that has never ceased to evolve within the global market. Over the years, Berto has distinguished itself in many fields, while maintaining its production in the place where it was founded in 1887. Over the decades, research, know-how and the ability to follow the evolution of the markets have given the value of "time” a priceless power that has led the company to play a central role within the Denim made in Italy production chain.

Innovation, originality and speed have distinguished the way-of-work of a more than a century long production. These values ​are integrated by the entrepreneurial strategy increasingly oriented towards offering custom-made fabrics, designed to meet the creativity of the most creative designers.

It is an anniversary that we want to live and celebrate throughout 2017 with unparalleled collaborations, dedicated capsule collections and special events. The first occasion to celebrate was the Kingpins Show in Amsterdam, the best time to share a toast with customers, colleagues and friends.