The Dyneema Project
The experimentation with new yarns and the latest technologies have led us to create new generation products that offer higher performances bridging the gap between fashion and the technical clothing world.
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An elite program for extreme heavy duty applications or extreme sport.
Starting this Fall, as part of “The Dyneema Project”, Berto has entered into a partnership with DSM Dyneema, in order to promote and facilitate innovation in premium denim. The first result of the collaboration is a patent pending technology that leads to an almost indestructible denim fabric.Dyneema® ultra-lightweight fiber is up to 15 times stronger than steel and up to 40-percent stronger than aramid fiber weight for weight. This enabled us to make a high-strength lightweight denim by blending Dyneema® with naturals like cotton, outperforming your typical jeans and jacket combo up to 7 times. The denim with Dyneema® is so strong and abrasion resistant, that it is the ideal fabric for extreme heavy duty applications or extreme sport.
The fabrics made with Dyneema® are called Amstrong, and they are not only extremely durable, but because of the characteristics typical of the indigo canvas, they will grow old, without giving up performance. The fact that the colour degrades, but the performances remains intact is the real news.