MANIFATTURA 1887 - Fratelli Berto
Manifattura 1887 is conveyed through two lines, Blue Selvedge and Mazzini 11, which are different by the fabrics’ features, but very similar as for the exclusivity that distinguishes all its products.
Blue Selvedge is Berto Brand for the Denim Selvedge: a precious product suitable for those customers that really recognize its value. All the Blue Selvedge fabrics are realized by the old Picanol shuttle looms, original of the 1950’s, specifically restored and renovated by master craftsmen that brought them back and preserved their ancient processing techniques. These days the automation is spread all over the industries but the real manufacturing of these fabrics is handmade: our looms, made of iron, cast iron, wood and leather are wisely used by skilled artisans. The artisan has a sort of relationship with his machinery: he knows all its peculiarities, its maintenance techniques and its sounds. Thanks to this handmade process the Blue Selvedge fabrics are special: softness, color and appearance make them unique, with a soul, fit for unique and originals clothes. Contingent irregularities and longer production methods, typical of a handcrafted production, but opposed to the industrial production, are not flaws: they are a real proof of the product truthfulness. The Blue Selvedge fabric is real like the emotion that it evokes. 
These fabrics go beyond the only apparent limits of the Denim, or rather, of the Indigo, to define new style paths and meet the more advanced demands of both the consumers and the most exclusive brands.The name, MAZZINI 11, wants first, to evoke a place, i.e. the address of the old manufacturing plant and Berto’s historic and current headquarters.It represents the deepest roots of the company, the artisan ones that always urge us towards a strict attention to details, those details that delineate an unsurpassed mark when compared to the “regular” fabrics. The collection includes precious, highly tactile and inimitable fabrics. These products mix history with the surprising, unexpected irreverence of the Indigo. With these fabrics, Berto wanted to reinvent itself and engage in important challenges peculiar of the "fashion world": devising unusual and visionary solutions to be inserted in the catalogue, mixing for the first time, for example, wool, cashmere and silk. With Mazzini 11, Berto has created a collection designed for a real connoisseur who immediately recognizes the beauty.