Creating something unique and exclusive, involving over three hundred hands (actually 306) to celebrate a new dimension of doing and one of the oldest crafts: the upholsterer.
Rock Me Air 12.5 One for Vanessa chair.
Transferring rituals, repeated gestures, old workings and innovative techniques in an exhibition, New Craft, dedicated to current and real crafts of our territory. The event organized by Berto Salotti in Milan hasn’t been a mere representation: we could watch and observe a real production process at the end of which, thanks to the commitment and (literally) hands of all, we could welcome #vanessa4newcraft. An armchair completely covered with one of our best denim fabrics: Rock Me 12.5 Air One, an icon from Berto's collections which distinguishes itself thanks to the refined image. A denim with a rock soul, specially designed for those looking for a jeans to stand out from others and rise above trends shared by all.