Berto4YoungTalents Update: Progetto Quid
A woman that wants to combine style and comfort by making an ethical and sustainable choice: Progetto Quid. The brand is one of our first talents and produces limited edition dresses and accessories using scraps of fabrics coming from the best Made in Italy companies, including Berto.
Limited edition dresses and accessories using scraps of fabrics coming from the best Made in Italy companies, including Berto.
Give a second chance to this material but not only: the unique value of Progetto Quid, as we have been told in our first introduction interview, is also due to the fact that those who create the collections come from difficult and fragile contexts and with this opportunity of employment they have the chance to create Beauty.

In this Autumn/Winter 17-18 collection we can find maxi dresses that alternate with slim fit garments, to meet different tastes and body types, and to interpret the different fabrics among which we can also recognize Berto's denim. The chosen colors are raspberry, blue and black that light up with mustard and red touches.

Progetto Quid carries out its own ethical fashion collection in its online shop, in the five monobrand stores and in several multibrand stores in Italy, as well as collaborating with big companies in creating double labeled products.