Blue Selvedge for mani/fatum
Valentina Tamiello and Ilene Pizzato are now Iuav Fashion Design ex-students: they met during university lessons in Venice and agreed to work together for the final collection and final dissertation project. They founded a brand called mani/fatum and wants to communicate the importance of handmade together with the value of time.
mani/fatum brings together the meaning of "handmade" and the Latin meaning of "manifest destiny"
The raw material from where the capsule comes from is the detail that makes the difference: it consists of fabric cuts from weaving as well as warp from machines. The garments are unique and represent also the brand’s manifesto.

What is the concept behind your collection?

Each piece is unique, completely handmade by us jointly and celebrating the importance of craftsmanship and the value of time. This message is communicated also through embroidery technique, not necessarily a clean, complete and formal one but still with a precise and meticulous execution. Through our studies we wrote our “manifesto", consisting of four main points that describe the need for cooperation and debate, the experimentation of the material, emphasizing our dedication to the pursuit of a three-dimensional fabric.

How did you work Manifattura1887 materials?

Pieces and materials that are normally discarded because of texture and quality control have been the starting point. The denim is the most suitable fabric to emphasize our work because of its twill with three different colors in the warp and weft. In particular the selvages were knitted to create a fur coat, the various joint seams between different parts were made evident as a symbol of uniqueness and witnesses of a production step that is normally hidden. The differences due to the work of several hands become for us a value.

Why did you choose the name mani/fatum?

Because it brings together the meaning of "handmade" and the Latin meaning of ”manifest destiny”.