In the last editions AltaRoma has attracted attention because it became an explosive mix of Italian excellence in fashion and research and training of new talents.
The program, divided into three sections, featured Gianluca Ferracin and Andrea Masato, founders of EdithMarcel, a no-gender brand part of Berto4YoungTalents team.

“A meeting between pure minimalism, the essence of the brand since its foundation in 2015, and a new expressive frontier"*: the Italian and foreign press celebrated a collection that has been able to dialogue with the contemporary world in an original way. Among the fabrics used, also our precious Mazzini11, born from the combination between the indigo world and precious fibers such as wool, cashmere and silk.

Photo credits: S. Dragone - G. Palma / Luca Sorrentino 
*Source: D - La Rrepubblica