Berto Fabrics at Altaroma with students of Accademia Costume & Moda
We are proud to support young designers in exploring their creativity.
"'Accademia Costume & Moda in Rome is used to present collections of real interesting designers and, even during the last edition of Altaroma, the ACM Talents 2019 Fashion Show did not disappoint, but actually made us more demanding for the next few years. The twenty-two students presented their capsule collections, consisting of six outfits, to complete a three-year course that led them to realize the Talents 2019 project, thanks also to the precious support of forty-one Made in Italy brands: it’s a virtuous circle that allows young designers to experiment with their creativity and to understand how to make it concrete using the Italian manufacturing excellence. “

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We would like to say thanks to the student Diletta Caracci who mixed her creations, upcycling accessories characterized by the use of climbing carabiners, with outfits created with brown a green fabrics made in Berto.

Credits by P&P Fotografia
© Roberto Pittore