The Time is Now! 5 Oddly Beautiful looks.
Let's focus on the project The Time is Now! and the inspiration that gave life the 5 looks featuring Berto fabrics.
The collection tells the Jonah's story, a eighteen-year-old guy, a pure spirit in a poisoned body.
In a devastating depiction of a post-modern world destroyed by pollution, eighteen year old Jonah is a heartbreaking beauty, a pure spirit in an intoxicated body. Through the collection his story unfolds. The clothes he wears, made from sustainable fabrics and perfect cuts, turn out to be contaminated by toxic substances, just like the environment he lives in, which come together in a kaleidoscopic collision of shades and colours, wondrous yet with something of the feral about them. The silhouette is clearly defined, wrapped in fitted trousers and structured jackets. A wide range of fabrics have been selected from a urban wardrobe. The denim produced by Berto is made using its own production waste, with a saving of 70% on water consumption, 85% of chemicals and 60% of CO2 emissions.

Collection by Minhae Ha, Zicen Zhang.
© PH. Stefano Casati