Intrecci Etici
We are very proud to have taken part in the Intrecci Etici project, the document-film that explores the sustainable revolution underway in Italy in the fashion world.
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This change is under our eyes.
Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world: this is a problem that affects us all. The Fashion system is responsible for 20% of global water waste, 10% of carbon dioxide emissions and more, 85% of the clothes produced ends up in landfills and only 1% is actually recycled. Not to mention the low prices of fast fashion, behind which are hidden unfair wages and the lack of regulations to protect workers.
Intrecci Etici tells how a revolution is taking place in Italy to make the fashion world more sustainable. This change is under our eyes: from those who deal with natural fibers and fabrics, to those who produce only on order, to those who transform waste into resources, to those who employ more fragile people up to those who have decided to stay in the area.

While manufacturers are making a concrete commitment to make fashion more ethical and sustainable, we must keep in mind that sustainability must start first of all with the consumers’ choices. We are the ones who really have the power to change things, step by step, with our portfolio and everyday choices.

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