Blue Tailoring.
Blue Tailoring is a project about a denim-made “ideal collection”, it’s creative laboratory and the parable of a personal poetics.
Stefano Chiassai: "It’s a pleasure when your personal thought becomes collective thought.
Blue Tailoring is the story of the “ideal Collection”, created not to be sold, but to become a creative laboratory and the expression of a personal poetic story. It is a project that the international designer Stefano Chiassai has created with Berto fabrics: the goal was to seek out the new potential of the "blue fabric" par excellence, denim, when applied to the men's tailoring scenario.

Blue Tailoring has materialized in a volume, a book, in which denim becomes a space for contamination. With the collaboration of over 30 Italian Made in Italy companies, Stefano Chiassai has developed his research by mixing materials, enriching them with unusual techniques between craftsmanship and new technologies. It also tells the stories and complex relationships between the idea, the production districts and the network of people that allow the dream of fashion to come true.

The volume is divided into 10 chapters in which the designer deepens different design methods, combinations of materials and explores new concepts of volumes. It makes visible what is usually hidden, it stretches and deforms the proportions, combines patterns, decorations and materials and shows the reader how to build a very personal design alphabet.

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