Can you recall the exact moment when you decided to become a fashion designer?

When I was 13 I began to attend an accountancy high school: this choice was due to the fact that I liked the uniform of bankers and would have loved to go to work in an environment where I could dress that way.
Berto gave me another creative hint because until that moment I had never realized that denim garments could be an opportunity that I could experience.
What was your first project?

My first project was a capsule collection created as a final exam at Istituto Marangoni in Milan: a year later with the same collection I was able to participate and win the contest "Designer for Tomorrow", an initiative led by Tommy Hilfiger in Berlin. The collection was inspired by the 20s and 30s, precisely by ”Zoot Suit" with a large British influence visible by the different types of tartan that I’ve chosen to mix.

Creative process: do you work instinctively or planning each single small step? Where do your ideas come from?

The creative process, precisely because it is "creative”, does not always have its own logic; at the beginning you can define a sort of road map but almost always it happens to change it. My ideas so far have come from travels and experiences I've had in the past, as evidenced by the inspiration of my latest collection SS17 coming from Berlin (where I lived for a few months); when I travel I am fascinated by things that apparently don’t interest me but somehow get me to follow a creative flow towards the right ideas.

What did you think when you have been contacted by Berto first?

Berto gave me another creative hint because until that moment I had never realized that denim garments could be an opportunity that I could experience: trying new things means to grow and so I find this collaboration extremely positive.

Which Berto’s fabrics have you been working with for your project/collection?

For this SS17 collection I used the ART NEVADA without dye, thus keeping the white and later have it washed to get a slightly "used" effect, ROCK ME-AIR maintaining its natural blue and last but not least the KTP CARBON for its comfort.

What's the most meaningful part about this project in your opinion? What have you been able to achieve thanks to this program?

I think it's a very interesting project for both a personal and professional growth and also the perfect starting point to reach customers offering an attractive price. It’s really a good support.

“Less but better” could be read as an endorsement for purity in design but in fashion design too. It can also be adopted as an environmental message about reduction and sustainability. What do you think about this?

Sustainability nowadays is very important and it would be a good thing, for a brand to enter this circuit since there are a lot of companies that do not agree on this. Personally I think it's a good way to look at the future.

Is there anything you'd like to do that you haven't done yet?

Let's say that I'm happy with what I have accomplished till now, but of course I would like to do many other things. I am someone who always tries to do more once you a goal has been reached. I have several ideas and wishes but it’s still early to talk about them! :)