Berto and Studiopretzel share their experience to give birth to a project in which technical and sartorial know-how enhance one other. Studiopretzel was created in 2011, by Emiliano Laszlo, founder and creative director. The brand is based in Tuscany. That is why, since the very beginning, all collections have been naturally developed through collaborations with excellent local artisans.

From design to paper patterns, from prototypes to production, from embroidery to finishing, all processes are developed within the region. Behind this choice is the will to give the right credit to local artisans and to the true made in Italy, while at the same time developing a production and consumption process which is sustainable and ethically correct. This is done by reducing carbon emissions, working with small enterprises, and using materials of non-animal origin (thus embracing LAV project, Animal Free Fashion). The inspiration that lies behind the brand's design comes from the Far-East, particularly from Japan, a land rich in traditions and creative ideas that can be used for each new collection.

Studiopretzel and Berto share the same approach, respectively in Tuscany and Veneto: sustainability for the region and for the people involved in the work. The development of ethical fashion is reflected in both companies and this has resulted in a very creative partnership. Berto and Studiopretzel have already worked together for the development of two collections, thanks to the project #Berto4youngtalents, created to support Italian talents and giving the opportunity to join the great skills, know-how and creativity of such an historic mill.