Pianeta // The new Circular Denim
In collaboration with BLACKHORSE LANE, EVEREST and MARCHI E FILDI we have presented “PIANETA”, our NEW CIRCULAR DENIM.
An important ECO-Collaboration between companies of the EUROPEAN DENIM VALUE CHAIN.
On December 6th, after the second day of Denim Première Vision, we have presented this ECO-Collaboration between companies of the EUROPEAN DENIM VALUE CHAIN.

In order to celebrate this Premium-SUSTAINABLE DENIM FABRIC, we teamed up with:

Blackhorse Lane Ateliers, a maker and seller of ready-to-wear selvedge & organic raw denim jeans in London, with a focus on sustainability, community and unmatched quality;

Everest - tecnologie tessili, an Italian company which offers an innovative sustainable range of textile treatments for the fashion industry;

Marchi & Fildi Spa spinning group located in North-Italy and focused on innovation and sustainability, producer of the ECOTEC® yarns, with huge reductions on environmental impact; up to 78% in water, 56% in CO2 emissions and energy consumption. The same technology is used to produce yarns for Berto.

These companies collaborated on this exclusive project where the yarn is made through Ecotec® System by MARCHI E FILDI, the fabric is made by BERTO, the garments are designed and made by BLACKHORSE LANE and finally washed by EVEREST.

Let's make the denim world become more circular along the whole value chain.