Edith Marcel’s collection is a real tribute to the product and the creative genius. Precious artefacts, conceived, designed and made in Italy. A collection that looks to the past to shape the future; a new understanding of the history of fashion that starts from the choice of the fabric.

The collection, which consists of 5 outfits (2 for men and 3 for women), takes inspiration from five decades that have somehow marked the history of fashion. The 1920s have been chosen for being post-war years and the rebirth of fashion, a period characterized by sinuous lines, rich and flowing fabrics. The 1950s are the decade of rock 'n' roll, blue jeans, t-shirt and polka dot pattern. The leather jacket becomes an essential must in the menswear. The fashion of these years marks a period of renaissance: the austere climate is abandoned in favour of a bon ton look drawing inspiration from the pin ups. After difficult years in which she was forced to take the place of men in factories and offices, the woman, elegant, refined and very feminine, resumes her place with more strength than ever. At last women dare more. The 1960s are a period of profound renewal of the society; these are the decade of the casual look and uncovered legs. A fashion that prefers unshaped shapes, screams of protest, an era of big and small revolutions. A decade that has forever changed the history of mankind, with its contradictions, its revolutions, its cornerstones and its never trivial style. The 1970s and 1980s have then been chosen because they celebrate the denim in all its forms. These were years of emancipation, of economic recovery; these are the years of excesses and extravaganza. These are Berto’s glorious years, those that have made it known to the whole world.

The creation of the collection has been a slow and intimate experience that saw Andrea and Gianluca excited to use 100% Made In Veneto fabrics, the Denim manufacturing land par excellence. All the fabrics used have been meticulously selected to reproduce image and touch of those used in the past; in addition two fabrics have been made for the purpose.

A real team effort that saw us proactive and enthusiastic in creating a collection that contains within itself the history of fashion, only from an Indigo point of view.